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Let's not start that crap again. There was nothing leisurely about it. She ran a good controlled, relaxed race (which is, of course, exactly what everyone should be trying to do). Calling it leisurely (aka 'jogging') insults her and her effort.
I'll use whatever adjective I see fit, thank you. However, I do respectfully suggest you go look up the word leisurely which means 'relaxed', and its synonyms include 'unrushed, easy, effortless' etc. Leisurely does not mean 'jogging'. She ran 1 second slower that she did in the final, so that was certainly an undemanding and leisurely heat. So take your wee temper tantrum elsewhere and use it appropriately on someone else.

Now, back to sensible discussion. That 22.22 was SAFP's 5th fastest ever, she has only run faster in 2012 (twice) and in 2013 (twice), the years she ran the 200m in the Olympics and Worlds, and thus is her fastest 200m for 6 years! Prior to the World Relays I would not have thought she would be even running the 200m this season, but her 200m leg there was excellent. She ran Thompson so close in the final here, if she chooses to double she is a definite medal threat at this point. It obviously depends on who else starts that event in Doha and in what form.

As for Thompson, this is actually her joint 5th fastest time ever, which shows how little she runs the event. Other than in Beijing '15 and Rio '16, she's only dipped under 22 secs in Zurich '16 (21.85) and Eugene '17 (21.98). She looked absolutely exhausted at the end of the race though, flat on her back!

Both women are in their best form. I guess their competitors over 200m (DAS & Schippers) may take some comfort in the fact that their 200m times were not as amazing as their 100m times. The 100m is pretty much sewn up to me.