Happy birthday today (Thursday) to an Olympic champion who was born 113 years ago today and died at the age of 59.

This champion shares the same initials as another Olympic champion who won Olympic gold 80 years after our birthday athlete, but not in the same event.

One of these two athletes (birthday athlete and the athlete with same initials) was born in North America and the other was born in Africa.

Our birthday athlete won Olympic gold in Europe while the athlete sharing the same initials won Olympic gold in Asia.

No hurdles were involved in our birthday athlete's Olympic gold medal.

Seventeen days from today marks the 91st anniversary of our birthday athlete's Olympic gold medal performance.

If you are attending this year's Pre Classic, you have the opportunity to see our birthday athlete's name very near the track.

Even though it has been almost 54 years since our birthday person died, we still celebrate a life well-lived.

Who is this Olympic champion?