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    all not well at adidas Portland?
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    west of Westeros
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    ???? ???? in Ronald MacDonald's Home Town, and once a Duck always a Duck.
    Oregon's black population is about 2% and Portland's is about 5%....so 4.5% is about average...you would think the article might point that out....p.s. they do...but only near the end....and because Adidas pointed it out....


    This year, Adidas released all-white sneakers as part of a line meant to commemorate Black History Month. It removed the sneakers from stores after an outcry.

    In 2012, Adidas released a pair of $350 sneakers featuring shackles. After the company faced boycott calls led by the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, the sneakers were pulled and Adidas apologized for offending consumers.
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