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What's the main difference?
The food! You can get 15 kinds of fast food (what kids are used to eating) on any significant stretch of highway in America.
Then there's the claustrophobic feel to European towns. We're used to wide, multilane highways EVERYWHERE, but most Euro roads are necessarily narrower due to the underlying design of ancient towns.
Then there's the languages, too many to learn (tho everyone seems to know some English).
Then there's the accommodations. We're used to motel chains and they are far rarer in Europe.
Then there's the money. We're never quite sure we didn't just get ripped off on the exchange rate.

Yes, smart-phone technology has mitigated some of these 'adjustments', but Europe ain't no USA and although Europe is (and should be) proud of that fact, the reality remains that USAers are used to the way USA is, not Europe. Europeans see the other countries roughly the way we look at regions in America. To USAers, Europe remains a horse of a different color.