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    Meet Vincent Chiappetta - The Man Who Taught Fred Lebow the Sport of Road Running!
    Meet Vincent Chiappetta - The Man Who Taught Fred Lebow the Sport of Road Running

    Anybody associated with the sport of long distance running should know about Vince Chiappetta.
    Running Scholar Roger Robinson interviewed him recently for the program ‘Gotta Run with Will.’

    Vince was by far one of the most influential history makers in long distance running. Watch this program and learn the following:

    *New York road races move from Macombs Dam Park and Yankee Stadium to Central Park.
    *The New York City Marathon origins in Central Park.
    *Fred Lebow’s entry into the sport and his ascendency to President of New York Road Runners
    *Women becoming official entrants in road races by attending national governing body conventions and fighting for their rights to compete.
    *The early years for the Front Runner LGBT Club in the 1970s.

    Will Sanchez has been doing a tremendous service for our sport in documenting and preserving the history of long distance running with his program ‘Gotta Run with Will.’ Since 2010 Will has broadcast 261 programs that have aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and BronxNet.

    Will’s mission statement:
    " Meet personalities that are running the world using the gift of running to transform their lives and
    to better the lives of others."

    Here’s a link to the interview with Vince: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ttf...ature=youtu.be
    Subscribe to his YouTube Channel and see the many other running luminaries that have been interviewed by Will and others.

    Best Wishes!
    Gary Corbitt
    Curator: Ted Corbitt Archives
    Historian: National Black Marathoners Association
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    Thanks Gary. A ton of material from, in many cases, a life of long ago.
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    I got to meet and know Vince a bit in the 1980s in the early TAC/USA days when he was one of several mentors to me in the Law & Legislation Committee. Back then, he was somewhat legendary as the gadfly of the 1970s National AAU - before my time - but I heard the stories.

    The basic story was that in AAU, he led the LDR forces against the old-line Track & Field Forces often to the amusement of the other AAU sports - especially because the characters of both sides of the disputes were all from Metropolitan AAU. And he knew the rules and procedures and got a lot done, some of which lives on today.
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    I finally found time to watch the interview and it is excellent and Vince is in fine shape at age 86 - I have not seen him in many years, but it is the same old Vince.

    The interview gives you a sense of what things were like back then. Anyone who wants more about the pre-running boom era, I suggest should read On The Run from Dogs and People by Hal Higdon.
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    It was a great time indeed....

    The book does give a good sense of the era....
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