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    Grandparent Scam
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    I had heard about Grandparent Scams.. they are for real although I can't imagine how anyone would fall for one..

    Phone call 8ish this morning.. young male voice, "Grandpa, this is your grandson". I have four of those so asked "which one?".. he was hurt I did not recognize his voice, claimed summer cold..identified himself as Tom Lonewolf (computer whiz in Austin)..launched into a chatty, whats up, etc., did not seem to remember working Texas Relays in April.. I knew it was not Tom but played along.. then, he started crying, said he got in his car this morning, answered his cell phone, hit a pedestrian, was in jail, making his one phone call, needed money for bail, ..I guess he lost his place in the script, said he was Eric Lonewolf (Tom's older brother, who lives in NYC, does not own a car and has enough money to bail me out.) .. when I asked him to make up his mind, was he Tom or Eric, He yelled, " Eric, you fucking idiot."(entirely uncharacteristic speech idiom)and hung up.

    I don't know why he bothered to identify as Eric, the jig was up.
    I belatedly checked my calls and learned the call was from a number in Malibu, CA. Debating whether to call back from another number...
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