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It seems to me that I am the type of sports fan that the women's soccer team wants to enlist. I dabble in a lot of sports, but cherry pick them. Golf, but mostly just Sundays, and certainly with Tiger. NHRA finals, baseball/softball/basketball/football playoffs (college and pro). Pretty much what TV ratings say the average viewer watches. (T&F is the exception: every minute of every feed on NBC Gold.)

So my take on soccer:
I have watched Premiere League soccer most weekends the last few years. The passing accuracy is remarkable as sides like Man City work the ball down the field, from one sideline to the other. Great goals involve late passes to outflank defenses. When I was watching the women's games, I was counting out loud: one, two, turnover, one, two, turnover, one, turnover, even when the objective was to run clock. When the ball was played into an open area, the attacks were solo, apparently because there was no faith in the ability to complete a pass to the weak side.

If that is my impression from watching high level matches, why would I watch any women's soccer for the next four years?
That's a good analysis....the top men's game is just stunning in its perfection sometime...that why I thought the Usain Bolt tryout would be hopeless.... and what little I watched of the World Cup I saw this time confirms what you wrote.

My friends in England who watched the England-U.S. game weren't terribly impressed...especially after all the pregame hoopla...