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    Quote Originally Posted by KDFINE View Post
    she really doesn't care much about or understand much about the culture of the sport, and is writing just to put forth her agenda.
    Her chief disqualification as a legitimate journalist is her use of "ICYMI" to begin a paragraph. If she can't be bothered to write out "in case you missed it" (there you go - you may cut and paste that, lazy writers), I can't be bothered to accept her logic (of which there is a small amount).
    On-line posts, sure. A journalistic article; I think not.

    The inequality of 'respect and pay' isn't a judgement that's dispassionately obvious. The men generate much more revenue, and therefore are compensated differently. [I love that T&F has near-equity]. The respect is earned and all the Neanderthal men who don't see that the USA women play a much more 'beautiful' game than the USA men, don't get any respect for their opinion.
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