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    I understand that. I was responding to the comment about pressure on the track, not the initial observation that her hair might have touched the track beyond the starting line.
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    I think he was making the point that no part of the runner's body should be touching beyond the starting line.
    This misstates Rule 162.3:
    An athlete shall not touch either the start line or the ground in front of it with his hands or his feet when on his mark.
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    Just got caught up on this meet.

    That Warholm run was amazing to watch. Very nicely done. How cool to set all of those various records with a home crowd.

    Coleman. Whoa.

    Ibargaen looks like a superhero on the way to her leaps and bounds. Very impressive looking athlete.
    You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!
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