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    gm, if I'm understanding you correctly, then Haugh's 5th round winning throw should still have been a foot foul even if this was a USATF meet, because about 1/3 of his shoe was contacting the ground outside the rim at the conclusion of the throw, after the hammer had left his hands, not on his first rotation. Also, it did not occur behind the the line (it was in the half of the ring closest to the landing area).

    However, his 6th round throw would also have won the competition, assuming it wasn't also a foot foul.

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    Interestingly, USATF rules have this proviso:

    NOTE: It will not be considered a failure if the touch is made without providing any propulsion and occurs during any first rotation at a point completely behind the white line which is drawn outside the circle running, theoretically, through the center of the circle.
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