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    800m women Oslo Bislett 1983
    Can someone clarify what happened during this race won by Kratochvilova in 1:55.04?
    Here's what i found form 3 different sources for the time at the first lap.

    - 56.2 Kratochvilova (Track & Field News October 1983)
    - 52.60 Kocembova (pace), 53.50 Kratochvilova. Also 54.9 (!) Kratochvilova (Cekani, Kratochvilova's 1985 book).
    - 52.6 Kocembova (pace) (Leichtathletik 38/1983)

    Can someone confirm? Does anybody have the video?
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    56.2 or 52.6, likely one of those, and I doubt it was the second.
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    56.2 doesn’t fit the descriptions of the race as Kocembova was hired as pacemaker to cover the first lap very fast and Kratochvilova struggling in the last 100m. The question is whether Kratochvilova did 53.6 or 54.9, and how far did Kocembova went into the race.
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    In Kratochvilova's biography by Miroslav Kvac - there is mention of the Oslo race, with Kocembova timed at 52.5 at halfway, with JK at 53.6
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    Richard Yes but at the end of the same book (Cekani) there is mentioned 54.9...
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