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Anyone who follows T&F, knows that high school success is not an indicator of any future success in the sport.
I would disagree, and say that anyone who follows T&F absolutely knows that HS success is AN indicator of future success. Being the #1 in HS is not necessarily that correlated to being #1 in College, or Nationally, or globally - but there is certainly a higher r-squared of HS phenoms developing into global stars than there is of an 11.5 100m runner developing into a 9.9.

Event by event, I can't think of many top global performers who weren't extremely good at the HS/Junior level. Of course can think of many top HS performers who never improved beyond HS (I made TFN list twice in HS - but never got better until I re-started as a Master's Athlete after age 30!) But most top global talents were very good long before reaching maturity.