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    Back to square one at "When Calls the Heart"
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    On the "binge-watching" thread, I reviewed the Hallmark TV show "When Calls the Heart"--and praised it!

    As you must know by now, a major role is being changed because of Lori Loughlin's arrest in the college admissions scandal!

    But her character of Abigail Stanton is essential to the entire show!
    She's the Mayor of the town--Hope Valley.
    She owns the most popular eatery (& meeting place!) in town, Abigail's Cafe!
    She's the best friend and confidante of Elizabeth Thornton, THE main character of the show!!
    She adopted two children several season's ago (second season??), so what will happen to them, since the actors who play them are staying with the show??

    Do they just block her out of every scene, and put the new Abigail Stanton in that spot?

    The new actress would have to say the same words, etc in 100's of scenes!!

    So they'd have to keep her as Mayor, cafe owner, friend, mother, etc!!

    The show is on Netflix, so will the producer's change every episode, and put the new versions--with the new actress--back on Netflix??

    Will they then destroy all the 60-plus episodes with Loughlin in them--as if she never starred in the show??

    They're returning on May 5th, so will they have to make ALL of these changes PRIOR TO that date??

    Many unanswered questions!~

    Does anyone know how they're going to do it?

    How would ANY TV show in the same predicament do it??

    I'm greatly anticipating the show's return---and hopefully dome detailed answers to my questions!!
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    It'll work out... they already killed off the leading man a season or two ago. Maybe Abigail will go off to a prestigious college?
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    I think I figured it out!
    I watched some highlights from recent episodes on Hallmark's website---and Loughlin was still in the cast!!

    So I believe her character will somehow die, thus removing Loughlin from the show---but NOT her character!!

    She will be replaced by an actress playing a family member---maybe a sister, or aunt, or other next of kin!

    That person will move to Hope Valley and take over Abigail's Cafe, and adopt the children that Abigail adopted!!

    As for her friendship with Elizabeth Thornton, obviously end, although the new actress would then become friends with Elizabeth also!!

    As for being Mayor, they would have to elect someone new---probably one of the other vharacters!!

    We'll see if I'm right in a couple of weeks!!
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    Something weird happened!
    Earlier this year, I bought the 6th season of When Calls the Heart from Amazon!
    They send the latest episode to my video library the day after it airs live on TV!
    So I got Sunday night's episode (Heart of a Mountie) today!

    But when I watched it, it was VERY different from the live eversion seen Sunday night!!

    You know about Lori Loughlin being fired from the show & from Hallmark Channel!

    So I was expecting the reson for "Abigail" not being there to be explained!!

    On the live version, "Elizabeth" said she'd left suddenly to care for her sick mother back east, and had taken her adopted child Cody with her!!

    All well and good.

    But the Amazon version still had Loughlin in the show---same episode!!

    She appeared in several scenes, just as she always had!!

    So Amazon must have gotten the version filmed BEFORE Loughlin's arrest, not the new one!!

    Has anyone else had that happen---with ANY show you bought from Amazon??
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