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    Thinking of joining the 2020 Tokyo tour...
    We’ve never done an Olympic tour - went to LA ‘84 and stayed with family - and were living in Italy during the Winter Olympics in Torino so we got lucky and caught the USA-Russia hockey game.

    I love track and field, my husband is a more casual fan 🙂

    The other tours we’ve seen are in Tokyo foe only part of the track competition so that a no-go.

    Has anyone done the T&F N tour? What can we expect?
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    better decide soon and sign up!
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    I did World Championships in London and it was wonderful. I will be taking future tours with them. Highly recommended!
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    I have done a few Diamond League Tours. I highly recommend those. I have never done a World Championship, or an Olympics.
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    I've done a few Olympic Games and World Championships with TFN. They are difficult to beat. You can expect good tickets to all the track and field events, nice hotels, very friendly and knowledgeable people, and a positive experience you probably will never forget. I have to warn you that the Olympics can be an endurance test for the fans (no matter which tour you take). Sometimes you can get less sleep than you might be use to. I have found that most first-time Olympic visitors try to do and see too much. Pace yourself and get as much rest as you can and then you will enjoy the experience much better. Good luck.
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    I did the 1984 and 2012 OG tour and my family did the 1996 tour while I officiated. We are signed up for the 2020 OT and 2021 WC.

    We have never been disappointed with a TAFNOT. Highly recommended.
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    I've been on many T&F News tours, including several Olympics, going back to Seoul '88, and I plan on being in Tokyo. If you're going to the Olympics and enjoy T&F it is really the only way to go. Just getting all of the evening track tickets (and mornings if you want them - important this time around because several of the best finals will be happening in the AM thanks to NBC) makes it well worth going with TAFNOT. It's not a luxury tour, but it is not bare bones or uncomfortable either, although they do seem to make a real effort to keep costs as reasonable as they can in the crazy economic feeding frenzy that surrounds the Olympics.

    Like DoubleRBar says though, the Olympics can be a bit of an endurance contest and a slog for spectators. This may be a little better in Tokyo than some previous games because of the very comprehensive, clean and fast, transit system there, and the fact that all of the tour hotels and the stadium will be reasonably close to transit.

    But, like everyone here says, you better hurry. The U.S. ticket sales for the games start in a few days and interest will ramp up quickly from there.
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