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    Quote Originally Posted by polevaultpower View Post

    Their own data shows that women with PCOS, who have high T levels, sometimes even over the 5 nmol/L limit, are overrepresented in sport.
    To me, there's a big difference between someone with PCOS and someone with 46XY DSD, and it has to do with the "O" in the abbreviation.

    It may not be fair to Caster Semenya, Margaret Wambui, or Francine Niyonsaba that the rules are such, but the balance of equities weigh in favor of those who do not have testicles and male chromosomes, because they are vastly more numerous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tandfman View Post
    I can't speak for "most people" discussing this online, but I can assure you that I care ONLY about what is an unfair advantage in sports and I do not care at all about these women's appearance or their sexual orientation.
    So do I. And I wasn't the only one who voiced an objection against some bigoted comments in this thread, while still maintaining CS should not be allowed in women's competition.
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    polevaultpower was so brave to say;
    "You are being a bad human being when you do that."

    The shit people say sitting behind a keyboard. Good job, hero.

    Also, I can promise you PVP that you're the deep, extreme minority here. The vast majority DO CARE ABOUT the sport and what's being done to it. Women's sport is being ruined by a tiny minority who want to use it as yet another platform to scream about and bully their beliefs/stances/cause into the "norm".
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    Quote Originally Posted by polevaultpower View Post

    She is not transgender and the continued efforts to treat her as such are gross. You are being a bad human being when you do that.

    But the IAAF has proven over and over that they don't actually care about who has an athletic advantage. This is about their perception of what is good for the sport, and Caster looks and acts too manly to compete as a woman.

    I honestly don't think most people involved with this issue or discussing it online truly care about what is an unfair advantage in sports. I think it comes down to a whole lot of people taking issue with the perception that butch lesbians dominating an event. They don't look womanly enough for you, therefore they must BE a man.
    Who is treating her as transgender? Who is the "you" in your remarks and why put it up in this place?

    If the IAAF didn't care who had an athletic advantage, they'd have one category and all forms of doping would be within the rules.

    You think most people discussing the issue are bigots and hypocrites.

    I don't care if a woman in sports has Flojo nails or looks like KD Lang. That you are implicating a lot of people who care a lot about the sport is no more laudable than the things you point fingers over.

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    Self-identification is somewhat relevant in that anyone who identifies as a man is free to compete in the men's category with minimal hoops to jump through.

    How one responds to a statement like that is beyond me.... except like ....so what? It was relevant 50 years ago when women couldn't compete at all in road races.... but hardly the case now...
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    and now would seem the perfect time to give this topic a rest.

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