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    Your frustrations and prejudices are showing once again son. And I mean, really, what on earth has Rudolph got to do with this discussion? How bizarre you'd try that one!

    As you - and some of the others that think this is only a scientific debate - should really know, individuals concerned with social commentary and sociological issues are going to have opinions here. This is because this IS beyond just 'biological' because it is not about medicine, but it is also sociological, because it is about creating new eligibility rules for females. They are attempting to define, within their own sport, what 'female' is, and it is not a definition that is agreed within the expert medical community. So sociologists, anthropologists, social commentators, politicians and other scientists - and sports people (they're non biologists too!) - are going to debate this, because their disciplines are concerned with the development of scientific knowledge, of health, of law, of gender...all things this new ruling impacts.

    So you're just going to have to accept that intelligent, learned people are going to argue that this is 'racist, sexist, this-ist, that'ist, yad yada, yippidy day' because they see the bigger picture and are not narrow minded.
    That is quite the monologue. You go around belittling people by calling them 'son' (more than one on this thread) and, so it seems, you actually expect them to give a shit what you say.

    I remembered one very thoughtful commentator named Joanna Harper, a trans scientist and athlete, who is one writer from the LGBTQ community who didn't feel compelled to respond to this issue in a way that condemned the IAAF as racist, sexist, misogynist, capitalist, etc. I apologize to her and the LGBTQ community for forgetting her contributions to the discussion.

    I have read many of your comments over the years and your intense dislike of certain coaches and their athletes because you believed they were dirty. It was like you were on a mission to ruin their reputations. That's why all your holier-than-thou commentary on this issue rings so hollow. Truth is, it's a tad amusing to listen to your pharisaic rants because they remind me of the religious right. I don't care what you say, you don't walk your talk.
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