I saw "Free Solo" two weekends ago. Alex fell off the two crux moves any number of times while climbing roped, and they showed Tommy Caldwell falling off one of the cruxes while roped. Caldwell is one of the best El Cap climbers ever, having free-climbed at least one route there (meaning, with a rope and gear for protection, but not advancing up the route by use of the gear, just with hands and feet and one's body). I reckon if Honnold soloed (no rope, no gear) Freerider (the route he climbed) ten times, he would die on six or seven of those attempts.

While I understand the feeling of moving over rock, up a route, unencumbered by a rope and gear, it's not worth it. And I call BS on the thing all these folks say, "I feel most alive when I'm soloing" (or wingsuit flying, or whatever). If that's the case, one needs some therapy to feel alive at other times. Like when they're bored and cleaning the lint out of their navel.