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IOC Figure Claims “Unconscious Bias” Against Russia

Exclusive: Ramsamy insists Russian athletes will be at Tokyo 2020 and claims “unconscious bias” against the country

Below are some extracts from that story and my take on those extracts.

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Ramsamy, said the nation had been vilified "because of its political stance
and of its leader Mr Putin".

Russia was and is vilified because it has proven to be a nation of cheats, who have shown no intention or desire to stop cheating

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Ramsamy added: "Using a prison expression, we felt that the Russian NOC
had served its time; and it was time to lift their suspension.

Unfortunately, Russia kept on cheating and kept on refusing access to inspectors because they are still cheating, and do not intend to change.

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“My impression was that there was an unconscious bias against Russia
as a whole because of its political stance and of its leader Mr Putin.

The only person unconscious here is Ramsamy.

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“Would that type of opposition be the same if a country from the
so-called West underwent a similar type of misdeed?”

I imagine the reaction would be the same. The only problem for Ramsamy is that no nation from his so called West has, or is likely to, act like the Russians.

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“There is no doubt that Russian athletes will be competing in
Tokyo 2020, as they did in last year’s Youth Olympic Games
in Buenos Aires. ........ "There is no alternative.”

Ramsamy is correct. There is no alternative out there for him to reap the financial and other rewards he and others like him reap from Russia.


The sooner the IOC rids itself of parasites like Ramsamy, the sooner we can make progress on systemic cheating.

However, call be cynical but probably a forlorn hope, given the likes of Thomas Bach and all those others wallowing in and feeding at the trough.