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    Alexandra Hulley takes the WHT with a promising 67.79, her 5th best throw and second best "away" throw after last year's CWG.

    Rank Distance Date Location
    1 68.66 6-Aug-17 Sydney
    2 68.20 10-Apr-18 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
    3 67.91 8-Oct-17 Sydney Throwers Club
    4 67.85 3-Sep-17 Sydney Throwers Club of NSW
    5 67.79 28-Jan-19 Canberra Festival
    6 67.09 6-Jan-18 Sydney Treloar Shield
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    Apparently, there was a M100 as part of pre-meet events this morning won by Jack Hale with a moderate 10.45 ( -0.1), followed by Jacob Despard well down on his season best with a 10.76.
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    Lauren Wells suffers her first loss to an Australian athlete that I can remember. Sarah Carli won in 55.67, just in front of Wells with 55.72.

    Carli ran this time off a PB flat 400 of 54.67 just two weeks ago and her hurdles time is also a new PB, down from 56.87 last year.
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    Heptathlete Celeste Mucci (5915) probably surprised a few people winning the W100m in 11.60 (0.7) just ahead of Maddie Coates in 11.61 with Brittany Burkitt in third with 11.68. Aussie record holder Melissa Breen had a bad day with 11.71 in 4th.

    Mucci's time is a PB, dropping well under her 11.85 (1.9) from Feb 2018. Unsurprisingly, her time is still a bit slower than her 11.48 (6.0!) last year.

    Jack Hale backed up again from his morning 10.45 (-0.1) to drop two tenths to win in 10.23 (+0.1) with Ed Nketia NZ following in 10.30 and Jake Doran in 10.41.

    Hale's 10.23 is just behind his PB of 10.21 (+1.9) in Mannheim last year. However, that PB is worth a 10.31 corrected compared to a corrected time of 10.25 for his run today. Coach should be pretty happy with that.
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    Angeline Blackburn wins the W400 52.71 just ahead of Gabriella O'Grady in 53.03 with Jess Stafford filling the minor place in 54.39. Blackburn's time is a new PB, down from 52.83 at the same venue 12 months ago. O'Grady dropped a 52.38PB in Sydney in December last year, so we might have an interesting W400 season this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vault-emort View Post
    Tomorrow in Canberra will be interesting for Morgan if (IF) there is a decent 400 pace and Thomas, Small & Griffith are there at the end. Thomas was listed to run in Newcastle and she would've been my pick for the win up there if she had started. Mitchell does usually finish strong but she is still in unfamiliar territory. Should be warm and hopefully not too gusty tomorrow. I would think a 2-02/03 would be pleasing for Morgan.
    Sorry to make you and Morgan unhappy!
    1 Katherine Camp NEW ZEALAND 2:05.44
    2 Carley Thomas NEW SOUTH WALES 2:05.56
    3 Keely Small ACT 2:06.32
    4 Morgan Mitchell VICTORIA 2:06.38
    5 Catriona Bisset VICTORIA 2:06.59
    6 Georgia Griffith VICTORIA 2:06.81
    7 Lillian Price QUEENSLAND 2:08.38
    8 Jaylah Hancock - Cameron NEW SOUTH WALES 2:08.63
    9 Katrina Anderson VICTORIA 2:08.72
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    With a first lap of 65+ they were never gonna go fast.

    CANBERRA - other notable results - many in the rain - included:

    200 (-0.5) Nketia 20.76 Doran 21.05 Hartmann 21.08
    400 Gunn 46.09 Beck 46.59 Halpin 46.78
    110H (0.4) Hough 13.92
    PV Marschall 5.30 Carruthers 5.30
    LJ Smith 7.87 Roper 7.65
    SP Birkinhead 19.43

    200 (-1.5) Coates 23.90 Beecher 23.92
    400H Carli 55.67 Wells 55.72 Klein 57.31
    LJ Stratton 6.50 (0.5)
    HAM Hulley 67.79
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    Some other field event results of note.
    Damien Birkinhead MSP 19.43m.

    Brooke Stratton WLJ 6.50, Celeste Mucci 6.18 in 4th.

    Kurtis Marschall only cleared 5.30 for first with Declan Carruthers second at the same height. I wasn't there but that sounds like he might only be off a short run because he's cleared 5.30, 5.40, 5.40 before today, whereas he was at 5.70-5.80 this time last year, noting it was CWG year.
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    Edward Nketia (b. 8 May 2001) now apparently repping UnZud ran a PB 20.76 (-0.5), gaining on his recent best of 20.83 (+1.4) set just 2 weeks ago at the same venue.

    Jake Doran (b. 17 Jul 2000) was second just ahead of Alex Hartmann, 21.05 to 21.08. Doran set a PB 2 weeks ago in Brisbane 20.93 (-0.9), so he's maintaining a consistent standard.
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    Yeah that NZL thang is a bit of a shame since the family have been resident in Canberra for years now.

    He had the tightest lane in that 200 too so the big unit could have run faster in an outer lane and on a dry track (plus warmer weather and a tailwind).
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