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    Quote Originally Posted by AS View Post
    Buckingham moves to #9 alltime in Steeple with 8:27.51 in Zagreb. That's a Q for Doha. Makes life tougher for Max Stevens who has just been pushed down to #45 on the rolldown (with a target of 45!).

    Good run by Buckingham to finish in 4th. He went in the 15th fastest of 16 - even the pacemaker had a better SB!

    Henry Frayne
    finished second in an uninspiring competition with 7.96m achieved on his first jump, just behind Manyonga with 8.03/8.02 (Rnd2/3).

    only added two fouls and three passes in the rest of the competition. Manyonga didn't have a happy day either, bookending his comp with a 5.31 and 6.39 in addition to fouls in Rnd 4 and 5.

    Bol finished 9th in the A 800m with 1:47.29, well back on most of the field which was led home by Amel Tuka (BIH) with 1:44.78. Bol would have only finished 4th in the B race with that time.

    Browning 5th with a 10.42 (-0.1) behind [B]Michael Rodgers'B] win at 10.04. It doesn't look like he's in shape to make it out of the first round in Doha.

    Linden Hall finished 4th in a relatively slow race with 4:09.68 with Kate Grace (USA) winning in 4:07.91.

    However, Hall went in with the 7th time this season and was only beaten by three runners with a faster SB. She finished only finished 7/10s behind Axumawit Embaye (ETH) in 2nd place who has run just under 4 this year.
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    Note that the track is BRAND NEW, as in two days old, and was soft, possibly very soft. Looking at marks like the sprints and horizontal jumps, we can only guess at how much that cost the athletes, but it was so wide-spread (8.02, not 17m, ...). The softness might have contributed to fouls in some of the events as well, as calibrations were off and not dialed in real well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Toro View Post
    Lauren Wells ran a 300m flat race in Canberra on 18 August and set a new PB of 37.92, bettering her 38.20 on 14 January 2012 in Brisbane. This "race" was essentially a time trial as she won by 5 1/2 seconds...

    While a long way from Freemanesque, this is yet another PB to go with her 200m, 400m and 400mH earlier this year, showing she is in good form for WC, if selected.
    Wells (still listed as Boden at IAAF) opened her 400mH campaign with a 55.92, her first run since a 55.60 in the Doha DL back at the start of May.

    The Doha meet was one month after Nationals where she set her PB of 54.87..

    She has normally competed overseas prior to major competitions and running promising times that she has mostly not matched in a Championship setting.

    It will be interesting to see if this different approach keeps her PB momentum and sets another best in the mid-54s in Doha, a time she will probably need to make significant progress past the heats.

    Second in the Canberra race with 57.38 was Sarah Klein who is qualified for Doha due to her win at Oceania champs in 56.07, which just missed the time Q of 56.00. She has yet to be selected by AA.
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    AT the Van Damme Memorial, there were no men qualified in any events and only two women:

    WLJ Brooke Stratton 7th with 6.53 (+0.9). While still a long way from her form in the domestic season, let alone her best, she was at least consistent in her jumping:

    6.28 (-0.2)
    6.42 (+1.7)
    6.45 (+1.9)
    6.53 (+0.9)
    6.42 (+0.6)
    6.46 (+0.7

    WHJ Nicola McDermott also 7th with 1.89 cleared on her first attempt before failing at 1.93:
    1.80 o
    1.85 xo
    1.89 o
    1.93 xxx

    She jumped 7 times over 6 weeks from the start of June with 5 of those over 1.90 including a 1.96 PB and a 1.94. She didn't jump again until Rovereto at the end of August for 1.85 and now 1.89 in Brussels.

    It looks like she is back onto a nice upswing to the mid-1.90 range which should let her make the final. Well, provided that she doesn't NH in Q like she did in 2017.
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    The AA selection committee is due to meet and finalise the Australian team tomorrow, 9 September with the announcement due by noon (18 hours from this post).

    Any appeals must by lodged within 24 hours and are limited to the following grounds:

    (a) a selected athlete whom the Appellant seeks to replace does not meet the Athlete Eligibility Criteria;

    (b) the Appellant’s omission from the Team was otherwise a result of a failure by the Selectors to properly apply the Selection Criteria set out in the Policy;

    (c) there were no grounds on which the selection decision could reasonably be based.

    The appeals tribunal (one person) can only rule on whether there are reasonable grounds and cannot determine the selection or otherwise of athletes.

    The selecion committe will make a final decision after receiving the appeal tribunal ruling.
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    At the Hoka meet in Bay Shore, Long Island Wedneesday night, Morgan McDonald won the mile and lowered his PR to 3:54.63. Heidi See ran the mile in 4:37.49 (in 9th), and Bri Harda ran the 5000 in 16:34.87 (in 4th).
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    McDonald moves up to #13 all-time Aussie
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    Quote Originally Posted by tandfman View Post
    At the Hoka meet in Bay Shore, Long Island Wedneesday night, Morgan McDonald won the mile and lowered his PR to 3:54.63. Heidi See ran the mile in 4:37.49 (in 9th), and Bri Harda ran the 5000 in 16:34.87 (in 4th).
    McDonald backed up in the 5th Ave Mile to finish 4th in 3:52.8, just over a second behind Nick Willis, who won for the 5th time. Julian Oakley, also from NZ rounded out a pretty competitive outing by the southerners.

    1 Nick Willis 36 NZL 3:51.7
    4 Morgan McDonald 23 AUS 3:52.8
    7 Julian Oakley 26 NZL 3:53.3

    For perspective on McDonald's time, the only Australian winner was Craig Mottram in 2006 with 3:49.9. Last year's winner, Jake Wightman (UK) ran 3:53.5.

    Heidi See
    also backed up and finished 11th behind a new course record by Jenny Simpson in her 8th win, also a record.

    1 Jenny Simpson 33 USA 4:16.2
    11 Heidi See 30 AUS 4:29.4
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    Australian team (excluding roll downs) was announced an hour ago but hasn't made it to AA website, or twitter or facebook. I found the list below on Yahoo!sport....

    One interesting selection, given recent discussion in this thread, is Summers in the M10k. MsSweyn is picked for 1500/5000 so that left Summers as the only possibility for the long run but how he fits the selection criteria I do not know.


    400m: Bendere Oboya

    800m: Catriona Bisset, Morgan Mitchell

    1500m: Georgia Griffith, Linden Hall, Jessica Hull

    5000m: Melissa Duncan

    10,000m: Sinead Diver, Ellie Pashley

    Marathon: Rochelle Rodgers

    100m hurdles: Brianna Beahan

    400m hurdles: Lauren Boden, Sarah Carli, Sara Klein

    3000m steeplechase: Paige Campbell, Genevieve Gregson, Georgia Winkcup

    20km walk:Jemima Montag, Katie Hayward

    50km walk: Claire Woods

    4x100m relay: Melissa Breen, Maddison Coates, Kristie Edwards, Nana Owusu-Afriyie, Celeste Mucci

    4x400m relay: Boden, Oboya, Ellie Beer, Caitlin Jones, Bella O'Grady, Rebecca Bennett

    High jump: Nicola McDermott

    Pole vault: Elizaveta Parnova

    Long jump: Brooke Stratton

    Javelin: Kelsey-Lee Barber


    100m: Rohan Browning

    400m: Steve Solomon

    800m: Luke Mathews, Peter Bol

    1500m: Matthew Ramsden, Ryan Gregson, Stewart McSweyn

    5000m: Morgan McDonald, Patrick Tiernan, McSweyn

    10,000m: Harry Summers

    Marathon: Julian Spence

    110m hurdles: Nicholas Hough

    3000m steeplechase: Ben Buckingham

    20km walk: Dane Bird-Smith, Rhydian Cowley

    4x400m relay: Solomon, Alex Beck, Murray Goodwin, Tyler Gunn, Ian Halpin

    High jump: Joel Baden, Brandon Starc

    Long jump: Henry Smith, Henry Frayne

    Discus: Mathew Denny
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    Apparently, at the press confernce, high performance manager, Christian Malcolm, said that W200 sprinter Riley Day wasn't considered due to hamstring injury.

    He also said that Sasha Zoyer is still considering his options with a decision likely in the next couple of months.

    This is based on one available press report, so I don't know if there were any other comments.
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