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    Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf View Post
    Is there even room in the Vatican for a 400m track.. and long throws?
    heck you could probably put a track in the square and an indoor track inside the cathedral! :-)
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    The obvious fit for the Swiss Guard in the Olympic Movement would seem to be Modern Pentathlon which is based on military skills in the 19th Century. I imagine the stumbling block would be the equestrian event.

    A few years back, there was a proposal to replace equestrian with mountain biking in Modern Pentathlon - which would basically make it into Triathlon plus fencing and shooting. That would probably make Modern Pentathlon more popular.
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    GSSE is my favorite international competition.
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    The local news of a Long Island Channel (we get on cable) had a feature on the Vatican team. They are now an official team having competed in a 10K over the weekend. No medals. The race had “thousands” of runners. I guess it was in Rome because it would be tough to fit a course in the Vatican.

    The interviewer talked to a Swiss Guard who said it was enjoyable to run after having to stand around all day on duty. He also interviewed a middle-age nun who was wearing what looked like a short vail.
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