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    Just returned from my evening walk/jog. On the park path I met a jogging 30 something dad pushing a baby stroller containing a ten month old boy,accompanied by his four and six year old daughters. 400 yards along, they overtook me going the other way. The six year old was starting to lag but the four year old was still leading the pack. 200 yards along, Daddy and 4 year old had stopped at the playground and six year old was closing on me.
    I know from pacing it many times it is just over a half mile from the playground to the turnaround. Dad informed me that according to his Bitfit, he and 4 year old had just run a mile in 9:24, six year kinda straggled in at 11:00. 4 year old was already playing on the playground equipment.
    I cannot vouch for the time but the distance is legit.
    Is this exceptional for a 4 year old?
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    according to his Bitfit, he and 4 year old had just run a mile in 9:24,

    Is this exceptional for a 4 year old?
    Since the population of 4-year-olds who try to run a mile is so small, I suppose just about anything would be exceptional.

    That said, for comparison, an age-group website lists the Girls age 5 WR for 1500m as 5:57.14 (Yasmin Lopez, b. 28Apr11, of the Pacific Coast Shock Waves TC, who was just a month shy of her 6th birthday when she ran it). Age 5 was the youngest record listed for either the 1500 or Mile.
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