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    National High School T & F Hall of Fame
    The first 30 inductees into the National High School Track and Field Hall of Fame will be inducted tonight!
    You can watch the ceremony on USATF-TV beginning at 4:40 p.m. (Pacific Time---7:40 Eastern Time)---FREE!!

    The Inductees (and their year of HS graduation)---

    Ted Meredith (1912)
    Sol Butler (1915)
    Lee Barnes (1924)
    Frank Wycoff (1928)
    Betty Robinson (1929)
    Cornelius Johnson (1933
    Jesse Owens (1933)
    Helen Stephens (1933)
    Eddie Morris (1940)
    Alice Coachman (1942)
    Bob Mathias (1948)
    Milt Campbell (1953)
    Willye White (1957)
    Dallas Long (1958)
    Gerry Lindgren (1964)
    Jim Ryun (1965)
    Steve Prefontaine (1969)
    Lynn Bjorklund (1975)
    Mary Decker (1976)
    Kathy McMillan (1976)
    Chandra Cheeseborough (1977)
    Renaldo Nehemiah (1977)
    Michael Carter (1979)
    Kim Gallagher (1982)
    Alan Webb (2001)
    Allyson Felix (2003)

    (Coaches, Journalists, etc)
    John Dye (DyeStat founder)
    Ed Grant (journalist)
    Joe Newton (coach)
    Don Norford (coach)

    The criteria for athlete nominees is to have graduated HS at least 15 years before induction.

    Also, I noticed a big gap between the graduating classes of 1982 and 2001.
    Let me suggest a few names who could fill that gap---

    Polly Plumer (1982)
    Darryl Robinson (1982)
    Diane Dixon (1982)
    Roy Martin (1985)
    Melody Fairchild (1991)
    Marion Jones (1992)
    (NOTE--Let's assume she was NOT doing drugs while in HS!)
    Amy Acuff (1993)
    Michael Granville (1996)
    Casey Combest (1999)
    Sanya Richards (2002)

    For the coaches, etc---

    Jack Shepard (for his HS Track book)
    Bert & Cordner Nelson (for featuring HS T&F---with stories, news, lists---in T&FN from 1948 on)

    And from the past 15 years, I can name several who are LOCKS for future induction---between 2019 and 2033---

    Galen Rupp
    Ed Cheserek
    Mary Cain
    Mondo Duplantis
    Ryan Crouser
    Conor McCullough
    Raven Saunders

    And a few older ones---

    Rudy Chapa
    Mary Shea
    Candy Young

    Who's missing from YOUR list??
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    Craig Virgin definitely belongs
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    Livestream will start in about 70 minutes!
    Hope they have the living athletes either there or on Skype!
    Would love to see Gerry Lindgren at his home in Hawaii the day before he turns 72!!
    (Yes, he turns 72 years old tomorrow!! Jeez!!)
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    Starts now---or very soon!
    Go to either Runner Space or USATF-TV for FREE live webcast!!

    ADD: Hmmm.
    I guess 4:40 is defined by the proverbial "New York minute"!!
    That intolerable MUSAK is playing ad nauseum while we wait!!
    Show biz!

    ADD: It's now 5 p.m. by my computer clock!
    If they planned a 5 p.m. or later start, why say it would be 4:40??
    Way to sell your product!
    Even the Oscars & Grammy's start on time!!

    ADD: Well, it's begun---sort of!
    It's like those C-Span webcasts where the camera is focused on the podium----where no one stands---for over an hour----waiting for the boring speech to start!!

    The screen is now showing the room---but over half the image is a rectangular sign.
    You see bored people sitting---sipping their 5th or 6th martini's...and hear the "mumblecore" mumbling of the "crowd".

    Worst part?
    The big sign covers most of the screen behind it where they're showing pictures of the athletes!!

    I'll take C-Span anyday!!

    It's now 40 minutes since they were scheduled to begin!!
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    It's turned into an excellent show---despite the late start!

    Renaldo--in person!
    Bob Mathias's oldest daughter.
    Jesse Owens's grand-daughter!
    Films of some of their athletic feats---Mathias's HJ in the '48 OG Dec!

    More to come!
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    What a freakin' windbag!!!
    But what a funny classy NORMAL insane dude!!!
    LOVE you, my sweet HERO!!!!!
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    Show is over---ended with Felix, the newest inductee, Class of 2003!

    Who's next?
    Drossin (Kastor)?

    For Cain, she has to wait until 2029!
    For Tuohy, it will be 2035!!
    For Mondo, it's 2033!

    As they said in closing, tomorrow begins 3 days of the NBIN!!
    More future HOF'ers??
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    I like the choice of Eddie Morris, who ran astonishing times in high school and had no real career past 12th grade.
    Obviously clear selections left out of the first round include Granville, Reynaldo Brown and Paul Wilson.
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    How about someone such as Bob Bornkessel who ran a prep record 400m hurdles and didn't do much after getting to KU?
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    I have no personal knowledge of the criteria used by the committee doing the selecting, but to me it seems like the focus is on those who made a splash on the international stage while in high school or an especially significant mark on the international stage after high school.

    Reynaldo Brown and Paul Wilson would certainly fit that description. So too Eddie Morris, whose international impact was lessened by WWII.

    But at this early stage in the process of filling up a Hall of Fame, Granville and Bornkessel might be among those passed over.
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