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    mens 400mH stats
    Can a kind soul supply the full FAT results( heats & semis also) for the 1975 AAU, Universiade & Pan Ams.
    I know this is a big ask but it would enable me to complete a FAT 100 performers & performances for 1975.
    What i have at the moment goes down to 100th performer at 51.73.
    Any help at all would be much appreciated.
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    I have all of the 1975 AAU,partial Pan Ams & only the Univeriade winner(Ziegler (WG) 50.43. Please provide your email & I will scan & send you the results.
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    Did you check the ATFS list for 1975 ? They show 155 FAT performances to 50.98, including several from the 3 meets you mentioned.

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    Sorry for the late reply, my email is 'billdarby@blueyonder.co.uk' . Thanks for your help.
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    Hi ianb. I have that file and Patinauds 400mH alltime as at 1986(all performances down to 51.00). It's those performances between 51.00 and 51.73 that are of interest. Thanks for showing interest.
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