Her blog post (Ain't I always promoting MY blog posts? Well, now I'm promoting this one by Tianna!!) is absolutely sensational---and revealing.

She describes IN DETAIL what went down in preparing for that solo 4X100 in Rio from lane one.
She reveals her lonely battle with herself as she knelt in that heat, waiting for the gun!
She tells (Again, in pretty good detail!) what she said to Orin Richburg about her NOT being the lead leg in London!

It must be known to most fans by now that her marriage ended, due to abuse by her husband.
And that she'd been homeless for 3 months prior to London!
And that she had to leave without her belongings, money, or anything else but the clothes on her back---and her pride!

This blog post (Clipped Wings---on the front page!) is incredible---definitely the best by anyone's I've ever read---including my own! LOL

I am now one of her biggest fans!!
And NOT for her athletic accomplishments!!