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    2017 d1 ncaa outdoor track & field championships viewing question?.
    Hello, i am new here and this is my first post so i hope i have posted this request in the correct forum and if this question should not be posted at all then i am sorry it will not happen again after this time.

    i was wondering if anybody has the full coverage i.e. replay of streams of the full days action as it was broadcast on ESPN of the 2017 NCAA outdoor champs which have just taken place?.

    i looked on ESPN's main site and could not find any replays of full action just that of NCAA basketball.

    i am not sure if it is on flotrack etc?, i would be prepared to pay so am not looking to luck out on the cheap. or if any members on here who recorded the meet at all i would be prepared to pay for the watching pleasure of the camps if you did not want to part with the footage permanently.

    i am in the UK so it was not televised over here and i was unable to watch the live streams at the time due to work and the time difference.

    if anyone can help i would love to hear from you on here or via pm.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Go to ESPN. Next to watch and home click schedule &replays. Click Replays. Change the filter settings for the time and sports. It should be available to view.
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    Flotrack might have some of the replays, I think that I saw that they had the last, climatic event of the meet - the w4x400.

    And welcome to the board curtgod; there are a number of Brits here, as you might have noticed if you view often.
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    The replays of all the NCAA coverage are available here:

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    Hi All,

    thank you very much jazzcyclist, 26mi235 and atk for your help and replies.

    also thank you for the welcome, i have checked the link to ESPN and it works fine so thank you very much.

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