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    Lee Evans World Top Ten 400m Perfermer List
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    With Fred Kerley pushing Lee Evans off the world top ten performers list I wondered when Evens first made that list Has he been on that list for more than 50 years?
    First to go sub 44.5 in '67 so I assume he was in the top ten even before that
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    Evens didn't go below 44.5 until '68. At the end of '67 Tommie Smith's 44.8y was the fastest on record. At the end of 1966 Evans' best of 45.2 tied him for 8th with Lou Jones on the all-time list.

    I'm guessing that on the men's side, Bob Beamon will be in the all-time top ten list for more than 50 years.
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    There will be much less movement on the all-time lists over the next 50 years, barring robots being permitted.
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    There hasn't been any movement in women's discus throw top-ten list within last 27 years...
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