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    ???? ???? in Ronald MacDonald's Home Town, and once a Duck always a Duck.
    One of my favorite political writers has MM and has periodical updates on his health....

    Iíve been back on the Evil Dex for a few weeks now, and the results are in:

    Hooray! I may not like the dex, but in a short time itís turned around my rising M-protein numbers. This means the cancer load in my blood marrow is declining and will likely continue to decline before it flattens out in a few months. And that, in turn, means the new treatment cocktail is likely to last another year or two before it starts to lose effectiveness.



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    That sounds familiar. I admit Dex must be helping but it is rotten to take.

    The interesting thing for Multiple Myeloma patients is that the two common cancer drugs Revlimid and Velcade and their later generation variations are not all that bad on side effects.

    I guess they really must be targeted drugs because it isnít the total wipeout like some chemo drugs give patients for a couple days. The most important things are you have to swear you wonít be conceiving any kids (birth defects) or be a blood donor but my wife and I are in our sixties. :-)

    Also, the Velcade often causes neuropathy. I have it as numbness in my feet as if with diabetes. It slows me down and makes my balance a bit tougher. I cannot stand still on my feet for more than a few minutes - walking is ok but slower. All in all, it is a modest price to pay for being alive.

    But the Dex is awful -even lower doses. I am getting 20 mg these days.
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    Just had a plasma button procedure. Basically it's a roto rooter of the prostate, if it works I'll b urinating much better-- it was taking 3_minutes to void.Also I can be off meds, which give me balance issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyp View Post
    Basically it's a roto rooter of the prostate
    ow, ow, ow, ow . . . .TMI!!!

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    sorry, but I must close this thread down

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