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    La Jolla & Salinas Discus Venues
    What is the status of La Jolla Discus venue where many marks were regarded as being achieved on sloping/downhill ground.
    I note that tilastopaja has marks in 2009 for a Salinas venue as made on sloping/downhill.
    Does anybody know the status of the venues please help. I seem to remember a discussion on this board about this some years ago but i cannot find a link.
    Regards to all.
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    In 2002, I was running referee at the meet where Suzy Powell threw 69.44m. I was called across the street to provide an independent measurement for the AR application. While at the mark for the landing, I noted the tennis courts and adjacent sidewalk.
    From the sidewalk to the throwing circle was a slightly uphill walk. From the other end of the sidewalk one had to go down a bank to get to the landing area. My estimate was that the landing area was about five feet below the circle.
    I signed for the measurement. Not being able to convince anyone locally that the field sloped down, I quietly pursued the issue elsewhere. As a result, the field was surveyed, and the landing area near Powell's throw was indeed about 1.5 meters low. (This is what is now known on the web as "technical issues with the throwing sector.")
    UCSD brought in 15-20 truckloads of dirt, replaced the irrigation system, resodded, and resurveyed.
    The AR was rejected, and T&FN removed marks from rankings, qualifiers, and other stats.
    I thought I had triggered this anonymously, but a few years later I was introduced to a coach from outside the area who said, "Oh, you're the guy who cost my thrower his best mark." I guess there are no secrets in our sport.
    Anyway, short answer to your question: UCSD has a beautiful facility, and for more than a decade throwers have posted superior marks on a level field.
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