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    A Lewis record broken tonight
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    But it's CAROL Lewis, as in her 36-year-old prep long jump record.

    Tara Davis (Agoura CA sr, UGA signee) went 21-11 at the new Dunamis meet near Dallas. Not posted on results yet, but dad/coach confirmed and sent a record-board shot, so hopefully stands up. Carol set HSR indoors 21-7.5 in '81. Outdoor mark is 22-5 by Kate Hall.

    Series, her dad says, was 21-0, 21-4, 21-11. Tara was the World Youth champ in '15 as a soph at 21-0.

    "Live" Results

    LJ page (hopefully updated soon)
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    Exciting potential - since 2010 there have been 5 longer jumps outdoors among U20 jumpers.

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    we now hear the full series is 21-0, 21-4, 21-11, 19-10(ish), f, f

    but not sure I'd hold my breath on any record ratifications. There were reports of this meet being an incredible organizaitonal mess, and one notes that not only are there no fractions on that series, there were 34 contestants in the event and the agate leads us to believe that none of them had a fraction, calling into serious question the measuring used.

    Were fractions simply lopped off, or was there a "rounding" system of some sort used?
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