Let me try and briefly summarize a complex issue...

The USATF Youth contract with Coach O for meet registration came to an end.

A power struggle began last fall between the National Office and the Youth Committee over who should be allowed to choose the vendor.

National Office announces it will be athletic.net, Youth Committee refuses to fall in line as that wasn't who they wanted. National Office files a grievance against Lionel Leach to resolve the issue.

May 17, Lionel Leach posts this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrB_...&feature=share

May 25, USATF Board of Directors meets via phone and votes to suspend the entire USATF Youth Executive Committee. They are suspended from the entire organization, several of them are also Association Presidents, Meet Directors, Officials, etc...

The suspended members have filed a complaint with the USOC claiming that USATF is violating the Amateur Sports Act and, among other things, requesting the USOC suspend USATF as the NGB of our sport http://trackandfieldnews.com/index.p...rticle&id=2953