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    1967 California relays at Modesto 27th May.
    On recent UK alltime lists Menzies Campbell is shown as 6th in the 100m in 10.36 , i didn't think this race was FAT and didn't Jim Hines equal the then WR of 10.0. Anyone shed any light on what may have been a FAT race.
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    I just looked the meet up in my old TF&N.

    Wind quoted at "just under the legal limit", then listed as 4.473 mph.( That's right on the money @ 2.0 mps.)
    Campbell finished 6th in 10.2. No mention of any FATs.
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    Thanks 'duke' for showing interest, I have just found that FAT mark in a previous version of UK alltime from 2000, it is listed as video chronometer timing. Who used this, is it accurate and loads of other questions. Like what was Jim Hines time.
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    The place to look is at the IAAF's WR Progressions book by Richard Hymans, which lists the 100th-second times, which came from videotape and are not an automatic timing device.
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