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    Quote Originally Posted by gh View Post
    There has been some pressure to go to national kits in DL meets, but that has come from individual federations, not Nike or any other sponsor. (I can state that unequivocably, having been to a specially convened IAAF forum on meet presentation)
    Should that day every return, then those Feds had better be offering full-time salaries with the requisite comprehensive health insurance, because individual sponsorship will be officially dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by polevaultpower View Post
    I think World Indoors in Portland and Worlds in Eugene are even bigger reasons for Nike to sponsor the IAAF.

    And now as IAAF sponsor, they can put more pressure on the Federation to make athletes wear their National kits at Diamond League meets, thus forcing many of the athletes they don't sponsor into their uniforms.
    Wouldn't that require Nike to shift their business model in terms of what product they actually promote to runners? At the moment each season we simply see the latest range of Nike running gear draped over the assembly line of Kenyans etc that they've thrown some free kit at.

    If they were to pursue the model you're hinting at, would I expect to see my local Nike store stocked with the national uniforms of various countries??
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    As far as I can tell, putting the top track athletes in the swoosh has primarily been around selling the idea that fast people wear Nike, good athletes wear Nike, etc. Whatever kit they use for their pro athletes for the year, they don't typically carry it in the stores. Sure, there is some overlap between the spikes athletes wear at meets and the spikes they sell in stores, but their sales of general running shoes is many many times greater than specialty track shoes. So if there was a move to have athletes in National Team kits more often, it isn't about trying to sell replicas of that kit, it's about selling the brand.
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    as far as i know, the pro kit is not generally available; selling that is not the motive for creating it.
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    Aha! Eureka! The real reason behind the rumored adidas move is revealed!

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    270m or $400m a year! For four teams.

    The IAAF thing is loose change in comparison.

    That's the problem with track in a nutshell these days. In comparison, except for a select few, it is really an amateur sport.
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    It also shows how little, if any, drug testing is done in soccer. There's gobs of money yet I can't offhand remember anyone ever getting caught. Of course the men don't compete in the Olympics which helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJR View Post

    Nike will sign asap to fill this "void". No surprises here at all.

    Goood job adidas.. How can you blame them?

    It's absolutely pathetic what's going on with russia.. Hopefully they stay banned all year long to teach these idiots over there a lesson..

    Parts of the world don't know what steroids are.. That's the thing.. I'm on instagram right now looking at all these so called bodybuilding models from all over the world..

    You know what they do? They throw up pictures of themselves with their 3D shoulders,and combination of varicose veins, spider veins, and small growth beneath the skin, not to mention how dry their skin looks.. Some 24 year olds on there look like 45 year olds... And then you know what they do ?

    They put up the hashtags of #fit #fitness #health #healthy etc.....

    It's a disease.. It really is.. Those veins are what you would expect to find on a 58 year old man.. Not someone of their age...

    THey are so deluded within their own minds that they don't know what's wrong and what is right..

    They literally think that the steroids that they are taking are a vitamin or some crap...

    That's the language barrier that some people have in this world regarding steroids.. And alot of non english speaking countries have this language barrier regarding steroids..

    They literally think that they are just taking a special type of vitaman and that as long as they work hard they think that they should get credit for all of the results of it..

    They don't realize what they are doing.. They don't realize that they are taking a drug that literally will grow muscle at 20 percent effort..

    They think that their hard work justifies their use of it.. It doesn't matter how hard they work.. Anyone who takes steroids how now become sick, full of disease , and just plain unhealthy..

    Because that's what steroids are to the world.. They are a sickness.... They are a disease...

    Nobody should get credit for anything that they have accomplished while on steroids..

    It doesn't count...

    Good job that adidas notices this.. And they have taken back their sponsorship...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cubehead View Post
    It also shows how little, if any, drug testing is done in soccer. There's gobs of money yet I can't offhand remember anyone ever getting caught. Of course the men don't compete in the Olympics which helps.
    Exactly my point.. Who knows how many idiots are out there in soccer taking them... It's a joke.. It's pathetic..

    I don't trust anything that I see anymore without 100 percent proof that the person is natural..
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    Is russia still banned?? Good.

    That will teach them a lesson.

    Are any other countries out there doing the same thing as russia?

    If you are then you are free to admit to it in this thread.. .. If you don't then the truth is going to just eat away at you until you do..

    Go ahead..

    Join in the conversation..

    Most of the time we don't know who's using steroids other than the ones who come forward and admit to it..

    So i'm inviting all steroid users in the world to come here read this and admit to what you have done.

    Do you know why? Because if you're on steroids then it's not the real you.. And you know it.

    It's not who you are deep down within yourselves.. Do you really think you are that strong naturally? The only person that you are going to be deceiving is yourself. That's it.

    Nobody else but you.

    That's why...
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