The point I was trying to make before with Coe's erasing of world records is that I think we can group and rank athletes based on levels of doping suspicion and then determine where or if a line should be drawn. For example, T&F News does this already with Barnes and the Chinese women. I will attempt to do this (without mentioning any names other than Barnes - because this site already discounts his WR). I believe T&F News draws the line after #2. Feel free to discuss these and/or rank them yourself. If somehow this offends anyone at the home office, please delete and I will never mention PED's again.

1) If an athlete gets busted in the same year of their WR, then it gets thrown out (Barnes)
2) If a number of runners from a nation runs unbelievable times with suspicious circumstances and never approach those again (Chinese women)
3) if a nation has a systematic doping program where every single athlete receives PEDs (East Germany??)
4) If an athlete gets busted and then returns in a following year to set a WR (likely receiving benefits of PEDs)
5) If a nation has a major problem where dozens of their top athletes are busted and/or their top leaders try to get doping covered up (currently Russia??)
6) If an athlete is suspiciously muscular and/or has major improvements at a later age than normal for their event
7) If an athlete gets busted the year after or several years after setting a WR
8) If an athlete trains with or is coached by someone with PED ties