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    Haven't been following this thread for some time. Earlier it was mostly about preaching to the already converted. Just a few comments from someone with terminal degrees in earth science, and teaching over 40 years, and doing research over 50.

    "Thousands of generations" for a worst case scenario to play out? I suppose that means at least 2000 years. I wish those who hide behind "received wisdom" such as peace out, good luck with that. We are on an accelerated path of global warming, not going to argue here how much is natural and how much caused by "mankind". Thus, warming of areas with permafrost, leads to release of huge quantities of methane into the atmosphere; recall that methane is many times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Add in a few beauties like the whole West Antarctic Ice Sheet sliding off into the ocean, not totally out of the realm of possibilities; this would give an "instantaneous" rise of sea level of 15 to 25 feet (not inches). Observing my eminent departure from south LA, my daughter joked "So you are leaving your beachfront property".

    Though not one to generally "curse out" others. Good luck with burying your head in the (beach?) sand, and may you be reborn on earth in a few thousand years.
    While I respect your credentials and opinion, this is another example, just as in politics, religion, etc, where people observe the same facts/circumstances/history/theories and reach different conclusions.
    Some here seem to assume my opinion is tainted by a lifetime in the oil industry. Nope.

    Smarter and more dedicated people than I have spent their careers delineating geologic history. I just headed for the oil patch and watched.
    Although I independently conceived the notion, my formal geological education literally predates now universally accepted continental drift. We were taught stuff perceived as gospel that were wrong. Stuff happens.
    No one now alive will ever know who is right about the ulltimate effect of "global warming".
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    Latest earthquake was 200 miles off the coast of Oregon. It was 6.3 magnitude and was felt as far as Eugene.

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