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    And so roll on the 200m and a sub 19.4 from Bolt and a sub 19.5 from Gatlin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigNate View Post
    You're on the wrong forum with this vitriol. Take your lab rat "facts" and Gatlin bashing over to Letsrun, so we can discuss the actual track events at hand. Thanks

    [from mod: if mr. fire brings it up again,he's gone, just like that]
    I was discussing the track event. And don't mistake me for a letruns poster, I have never posted conspiracies or accused anyone of anything on performance like those madmen do. My posting history has shown I won't join in and support or make random accusations of which there is no proof like others. I have always discussed the facts and the relevant context. And this week as the BBC showed even the worlds media and journalists watching jumped up and celebrated Bolt's victory over Gatlin and it certainly wans't just because it was a close race. I guess gh by his threats and protectism once again was one of the few who didn't with his bizzare avoidance.

    Quote Originally Posted by rats123 View Post
    For me it will always be his 9.63 in London. Just the way he won the race by smashing all and sundry was incredible. It was Bolt first and daylight second. I think Blake might have come third ;-)

    Seriously, this was a good win from Bolt, but as we've discussed he shouldn't have won. Gatlin lost it in the end. I would like to see the splits for both Gatlin and Bolt to see where they were for each 10m.
    Beijing 2008 is still the most stunning race I saw from Bolt. Berlin 2009 was just as good as Bolt just captured that lightening in a bottle as moments go. London 2012 was different, i was less stunned and more "F##KING YES" because ceratinly in the UK the narrative was that Bolt for the first time looked vulnerable with the challengers looking to dethrone him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuariki View Post

    Come on rats, give it away, mate. You and a couple of others may be discussing into a mirror that Bolt shouldn't have won, but this is the reality;Bolt should have won because he was faster and he got to the line first. It was the WC 100m; not the WC 95m. Gatlin didn't lose it because he never had it won. Gatlin ran a phenomenal race, as fast as he has done all year, but Bolt is simply not of this planet. Gatlin saw the "bolt" starting to move past him and he tried to find another gear that was not there and this caused him to start to lose control.
    Well Tuariki, I'd like to confirm that which is why I've asked someone to post the splits. I want to know exactly who was beating whom at which point of the race. I may well be wrong, but to me it looked like Gatlin was stumbling well before Bolt was ahead of him. Then again it could just be paralegal error and the splits will confirm.

    Yes Bolt won, but for me Bolt is similar to the ABs in that regards. Like the ABs, I want Bolt to win and win well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eldanielfire View Post
    I guess gh by his threats and protectism once again was one of the few who didn't with his bizzare avoidance.
    I too find gh's behaviour bizarre. There is a thread for Russian doping in the "Current" forum which is full of hate and bile. He's done nothing to moderate it but if you make one little bit of noise about Gatlin then you're automatically on a threat of a ban. Go figure ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRM View Post
    I don't care what Bolt ran 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 years ago. I'm only concerned with what he can run in 2015. And today, (in 2015), he proved today that his A-game is a mid-9.7. He faced off against another guy whose A-game is in the same range. The latter had a bad race, the former didn't. And that's all it took to upset the victory.

    But please stop living in the past. Until Bolt stops the clock in 9.6X or 9.5X again, those days are long behind him.
    You dont analyze.
    Bolt was 2 years almost without to run, do you understand it???

    You know too that 9.79 -0.5 is 9.71 +1.0, almost same time that SUPER Gay in Berlin 2009, do you know it too??

    Only with to be a little bit better with average wind he was for 9.6

    Im not a fanatic, like YOU with Gatlin, im realistic.

    I talk about times, conditions and training and race

    Bolt will be with better training the next year and he will have more races.
    I dont talk about Wrs, but 9.6 like i saw today is very very possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Honestly, I am disappointed in this race. I had really hoped to see better from both Gatlin and Bolt.

    That said, Bolt won a slowish race.

    I don't really know what to expect from the 200, but I would say the 4x100 is a lock for the US if they don't drop the baton.

    9.79 -0.5 is 9.71 +1.0, almost same time that SUPER Gay in 2009 Berlin
    NOBODY not called Bolt ran faster in all history in WC or OG.

    NOBODY. ok?
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    Quote Originally Posted by beebee View Post
    Gatlin's best is 9.80 and Bolt's worst is 9.79?

    That "reality" is jamboy worthy.
    Yes, fanatic of Gatlin.

    Gatlin has this year his best shape of his life.
    Yes, Gatlin made 9.80 -0.5 or 9.77 basic.
    Yes, better that all his races in his life, only in Monaco he got a little bit better with 9.76 basic, but with the big difference that now he got 9.77 basic with rounds against the best sprinters of the world.

    Bolt, it was the worse Bolt in a championship since 2008, yes.
    Do you doubt about it?

    So, all your arguments is done, hehe.

    Yes, the best Gatlin of his life lost against the worse Bolt in a big championship since 2008.

    Sorry, you dont cry
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    Quote Originally Posted by _Jay View Post
    Someone else already told you, but it seems like you didn't catch it.

    How can you say Bolts "A game" was today when he hasn't been healthy all year and only had 2 or 3 real 100m races all year before the WC's? Lol. Are you serious. He hasn't even been able to train normal because of injury.

    It's not about the past, just look at this season. Common sense.
    Yes it is really pathetic.

    Only a genious, 2 years with injuries, and with only 2 serious 100 in 2 years, could to get 9.79 -0.5 or converted to 9.71 +1.0, wow

    With better training and races, he will be a lot of better.

    And it is not fanatic, it is realistic.

    Im not a fanatic of Gatlin, like JRM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CookyMonzta View Post
    And how old was Merlene Ottey when she ran her PR of 10.74?
    do you need examples for to try to tell that Gatlin has options?

    Gatlin is running very strong since 31 years
    The last year very fast, this year super fast.

    His body does not recover like before and in the next year he will not be at this level, a little worse sure.

    Only a fanatic wans that he is improving all years until 40 years
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    Quote Originally Posted by hipNrip View Post

    Here's a link:


    People see what they want to see but the numbers don't lie.

    Yes exactly, Gatlin made one of his best races of his life.
    And it is the better in a championship with rounds by FAR.

    Only the fanatics put excuses.
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