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    Quote Originally Posted by jc203 View Post
    aaronk: Did he sign your Little Black Book "H. Archie Rich-In-Friends"?

    Got into great discussion about him with one of my blog readers awhile back.
    Still LOVE that "Little Black Book"!
    One of the best T&F books EVER!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukehjsteve View Post
    I especially recall this during my 4 years at Duke, when I would peer into the slot of Box 4408 at the campus post office... .
    Can't believe you remember your PO Box # from the early 1960s at the Duke Student Union. I have no idea what mine was.

    I had the same feelings in the early 60s but for me it was about reading cycling magazines from Europe, as that was my sport until we moved to North Carolina in 1965 and I started playing golf. It was the only way I could learn about the great European cyclists.

    I always loved T&F but had never seen TAFNews until I got to Duke. My buddy, Steve "Skinz" Ivy, and I would go to the Duke library and read the magazines - he was a 1:54 880y runner in high school so he would read TAFNews and I would read the Golf Magazines. And then we would switch. We liked reading them because they had these great, oh so comfortable swivel chairs by the magazines and we'd sit in them for a couple hours reading that stuff. Skins later caddied for me for 6 months on the PGA Tour, and then became an executive at HP
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    My interest in track was somewhat piqued in 1960 when an older brother started to participate. He was a decent HS 660 guy (1:24) and also ran the mile, 880, 440 and PVd. He was followed by another brother who ran a HS 1:22.x and a 1:55.0 half. They were really my motivation to get into running. They started getting some press by their jr yrs although overshadowed by team-mate Steve Caminiti. By then I had shifted my interest from MLB to track which was more than well covered by: (somewhere along the way there I witnessed John House run a 9.2w) very impressive

    The Valley Green Sheet (first pages were green)- best paper ever for coverage of the local (SF Valley) track and XC. Also included other news from LA County. Couldn't beat it - one of the few 'local rags' that was wayyyyy dedicated to T&FN and XC - and other local sports for that matter. Socondarily the:

    LA Times - excellent coverage for national news and and anything national coming to the area (i.e., US v commonwealth, Compton - big coverage on Fresno, Modesto):

    About 1962 or so my brothers brought home a scruffy little ol rag of a (Well looked like a program with result from across the nation). As it developed it became more and more comprehensive in its coverage. It obviously became the 'go to' resource for all things track.

    There was a time when Runner's World was a decent place to find results and even a few articles by 'big' names addressing training and results of road races. I can't remember but T&FN didn't address road races as it was not a big ticket item then. I'm not sure about that but I think road racing gained more awareness later and RW morphed into something else.
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    Growing up in the 60s/early 70s in NJ, I would anxiously wait for my Dad to buy the Newark Star Ledger and/or New York Times so I could look for track results (looked in NSL for local NJ HS, and NYT for national). I would keep a scrapbook of articles and meet results so I had something to read in the off seasons. I also had a subscription to Sports Illustrated, which had the occasional t&f article. I had never heard of T&FN until a friend of mine (who was an avid distance runner by the time he was 12-13) showed me his issues. I thought this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and devoured all his issues. I got my parents to get me a subscription, starting in 1971, with the July cover of Pat Matzdorf setting the world HJ record (straddling!). As a stat freak, I also subscribed to TrackStats when that came out, but now we have eTN, which I still look forward to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai_Runner View Post
    a subscription, starting in 1971, with the July cover of Pat Matzdorf setting the world HJ record (straddling!). As a stat freak, I also subscribed to TrackStats when that came out,
    Didn't discover T&FN till my freshman year in Palo Alto, just a few minutes from the offices in Los Altos (which I immediately went and visited - tiny cramped quarters but a T&F nut's paradise). First issue was I March 1970 with Norm Tate cominatcha in full LJ flight. Have since got full year-sets back to 1959. Immediately started TN, which addicted me to stats.
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