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    HS annual lists
    Anyone know where I can find deep annual HS lists by year? Or maybe one giant all-time HS list by event?
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    HS Track Annual--edited by Jack Shepard for many years---is my best source for deep lists.
    It has long lists for every event----and I mean EVERY event!----for the previous year.
    Then it has all-time lists for each event.

    And bless Jack's heart, he SEPARATES INdoors from OUTdoors---so NO "absolute" or "comprehensive" lists here!!!

    He does the same thing for both men and women.

    It also has age records----but only for American HS'ers, and only for the normal HS ages (14-18).
    And it has class records too---again, separate records for INdoors and OUTdoors!

    Plus, he includes the results from the major HS meets of the year---like the NBIN and NBN, USATF Juniors, and the Golden West meets.

    Other than that, T&FN website has lists, as well as MileSplit---but you have to pay for the latter.

    Finally, you can ask me....as I have 24 deep lists for all-time HS, as well as class records.
    I also completely separate INdoors from OUTdoors!
    My blog also covers HS T&F in depth!!
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