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    1973 Los Angeles Indoor Meets
    I would like to find out the results for the 1973 LATimes and Sunkist Los Angeles Indoor Meets. I have exhausted all the leads I have been given. Thanks
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    What event/s specifically?
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    Laguna Beach High School's boys 440/400 relay team participated in either the Times or Sunkist Indoor Meets in '73.
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    LA Times, 2/9/73:

    There was a pair of 4x160y relays.

    In the boys, Laguna Beach was 3rd in 1:09.3 (1 Muir 1:06.7, 2 Santa Ana Valley 1:08.0, 4 Inglewood 1:09.9)

    In the girls race, LB was 2nd in 1:22.8 (1 LB Wilson 1:19.1, 3 San Fernando 1:23.7, 4 Morningside 1:24.4)

    At Sunkist, there was a mile relay with more than one section, but only the first four teams are listed in the LA Times results: 1 Muir 3:32.9, 2 Dominguez 3:33.8, 3 Glendale 3:33.8, 4 Upland 3:34.7.
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    dj can you provide an internet link for those indoor results?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannon View Post
    dj can you provide an internet link for those indoor results?
    I'm pretty sure these results were not sourced on the internet. I believe dj has access to a microfilm archive of the Los Angeles Times.
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    Thanks for the information on those indoor races. One of the LB boys on that team has ended up being a prominent surgeon.
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    dj...how did you try to contact me...I'm not aware of it.
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