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    Best Track and Field Video Game of All Time
    A while ago, when I found out Marvin Bracy was playing video games instead of running fast, I was shocked. I thought why on earth would people play video games, what a waste of time. So to see what was so addicting I downloaded all the track and field video games and tried the 100m dash in all of them. I realized it was fun. You press the two buttons faster and faster and the person moves faster. I became addicted and just recently blew $50 on a playstation 2, 4 controllers and ESPN International Track and Field.

    So, to make a too long story a little less long, this thread is to determine the best track and field video game. I vote for ESPN International Track and Field: it's very realistic, you can be either Ato Boldon or Maurice Greene, the times are realistic, and the races feel like Diamond League meets instead of Olympic Finals. The game also seems to be aware that Greene and Boldon are training partners, so they congratulate each other if one of them wins. Really neat little game to help you survive until May...just in case your favorite event is not competed indoors.


    What's your favorite t&f game? And what is your best 100m time?

    My favorite for the woman's 100m is Beijing 2008. I enjoy running as the women more than the men, but the gameplay is not as fun in that particular game.


    For, the 4x1, summer athletics is neat:

    If you want a good, free introduction to the genre, you can't go wrong with Android Athletics: Summer Sports Free for your phone. It has a great 100m dash
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    Bolt's last year...and my last year as a track fan, it's been fun
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    I have to adjust my pick. I finally found a video game that has everything. Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament. I will post pictures. You can create you're own diamond league and compete in one discipline or many disciplines. type contests. The times are good, the WR's are accurate, graphics great. There are mascots and cameramen, etc. It's challenging, but not impossible to win a race. You can do training sessions where you have an Italian coach, and join an Athletics Club. There are sprints, middle distance, and field events. The controls make sense and are fun. Just a great, well thought out game, up to 4 players. I tried them all and this was definitely the best, Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament. I had to order it from Germany.
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    Bolt's last year...and my last year as a track fan, it's been fun
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