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    I wonder why my search for Lipscomb came up empty when I pulled of the results the first time. Yes, she was their 7th runner, although four of them packed together and were together at 5km with another drifting back in to the group. Her time of 21:00; winning time was 19:17 by Quigley, who finished 23rd at NCAAs in 20:30. As a first approximation, her 21:00 corresponds to a 22:28 at NCAAs; about 230 out of 254 - not bad, but in the 7th-man grouping. Note that Libscomb had a very tight 1-7 at Regionals of only 39 seconds, but only 12 seconds between 3rd and 7th.
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    I mentioned her various times only to show how remarkable she is, to be able to run that fast (relatively speaking) with MS.

    There's 3 or 4 types of MS, but basically just 2.
    One is progressive, where the disease keeps getting worse and worse, and rarely, if ever, goes into remission.
    The other main type is relapsing MS.
    This kind comes and goes, and there can be months or years between attacks, where you feel "normal".

    I don't know what Kayla's type is, but I really don't see a lengthy running career for her.
    As for her speed, I also wonder how fast she can go---for a 400.
    Can she propel herself off her toes with MS?
    I watched her kick in that Raleigh Relays race (See video link in earlier post!), and while she won the race, she didn't look faster than maybe 35 or 36 for that last 200.

    BTW, her 3200 best is 10:32, which are 79 second per lap average.
    And as I noted above, her coach said that 20:59 at South Regionals was NOT her fastest time, and that she'd had "calf issues" before the race!
    And she did run that 17:16 indoor 5000 at the 2014 NBIN.
    I heard her coach yelling at her (in the ESPN video) that she could get sub-17, so I'm assuming she just faded toward the end, but that she HAD that sub-17 in her!

    As for Lipscomb, they're a Christian college in Nashville, and was 4th as a team at Regionals!!
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    Here's yet another Kayla video.
    This one's pretty good, and gives a clearer picture of her (former) coach and the "Catch Kayla Committee"!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronk View Post
    I don't know what Kayla's type is, but I really don't see a lengthy running career for her.
    Captain Obvious! She'll be very happy to make it through 4 years of college seasons.

    As for her speed, I also wonder how fast she can go---for a 400.
    58.04, according to her profile at http://www.all-athletics.com/node/408272
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    Thanks, 18.99s!
    I'm surprised by her speed!
    I'd thought with the MS that she couldn't run off her toes, which her 200 of 24.8 (W) and the 58.0 400 seems to indicate she can do!
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    Great article on front page!
    "A Season of Change for College Frosh with MS"

    Her Lipscomb coach was happy with her XC season, and sees great things for her in 2015 track, indoors and out!
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    A great and inspirational story,. Thanks for posting it Aaronk...
    imran ali
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    Genunely inspirational story. Same with that girl who has brain cancer (I think) and made it to college and scored in her one game she played. So brave.
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    Kayla WON the 5000 race at the Ed Temple meet in Nashville today!!

    Don't know her time yet, but trying to find out.
    @Lipscomb tweeted during the race that after 10 laps (2000), 2 packs had formed, with 4 Lipscomb women in the lead pack.
    They didn't give names, but I'll assume one of them was Kayla.

    Then they tweeted at the end of the race that Kayla had won, leading 4 Bisons (Lipscomb's mascot) across the line!

    In an article before the meet, Lipscomb's coach had said that Kayla wanted to run under 17:00, or as close to 17 as she could get!
    Her PR is (WAS??) 17:16 from the 2014 NBIN race.
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    Time was slow--just 18:02.39.
    She won by 24 seconds over one of her teammates.
    I'm surprised by the time, since an article had said she would be trying for sub-17:00.
    She obviously decided to just go for the win.

    But she did WIN.
    And that's fantastic for someone with MS.
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