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    I have forgotten.. what was this guy's( or his doppelganger) moniker in his last icarnation.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jc203 View Post
    From the redoubtable and perhaps sometimes reliable Dale Harder's Strength and Speed (8th edition):

    Quincy Watts ran 44.78 on 7-23-93 at 212 lbs.
    Russ Hodge ran his 47.8 at South Lake Tahoe in 1970 while weighing 220 lbs. I dunno about the time or place but I can personally attest that Hodge's weight at that time period was around 220.
    And - according to Harder - an Irish hammer thrower named Patrick O'Callaghan ran 49.4 as a 38 year old 235 pounder.
    I dont trust the claim that Quincy Watts was 212lbs when he ran 44.78. But I have no doubt that he could have easily run sub 47 at 212lbs. Never saw anything quite like the Q.
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