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    Quote Originally Posted by CookyMonzta View Post
    Who U kiddin'? Of course he could!

    Alas, there has always been a piece of me that wishes I were born just 10 years earlier, to see the high-schoolers in NYC run 100y on the Armory wood. My freshman year was 1980-81, and by that time they stopped running 100y indoors.
    168st floor was cruel if you fell .
    I ran the 100 yds in 1959-62 era- right out to the roach coach lobby (or the wall) at the St Francis Games I think.
    In the 50st MSG the sprints ran thru the rotunda doors and into the lobby for deceleration. Think there were ropes held by the MSG folks involved too.
    Nedicks in the lobby

    We used hairspray on adhesive tape strips at the starting line.
    Tom Hyland:
    "squack and wineturtle get it"
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    Quote Originally Posted by beebee View Post
    That gimmicky "World Record" was truly beneath Bolt. He should set up a proper venue next year and easlily break the indoor record.
    by definition, any indoor 100 is gimmicky.
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