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    dope testing and bans history
    Is there an online source that has a history about drug bans. While researching 1977 lists it came as a shock to see Tuokko, a Finnish discus thrower, had failed a test at the1977 European Cup, apparently for anabolic steroids. Yet he was competing at the 1978 European Championships, where he took a medal.
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    The concept of long bans hadn't yet come into play at that point.
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    Thanks Gary, i found out a little more with digging around. Mandatory testing at champs by IAAF was in 1977, The following year the first 18 month bans for 'serious doping offences' were introduced. From what i have read it was some years later before a collective decision about testing and bans was introduced.
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    Ilona Slupianek also failed a test at the '77 European Cup. A famous case perhaps only because it came from GDR. Looks sad now to see very few people receiving bans back then, makes me feel sorry for Slupianek.
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