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    Richard Kilty interview
    To Da World
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    He comes across a lot better here...he really could do with some guidance about how to conduct himself on Twitter though, as he doesn't help himself in all honesty
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    Honored to have you posting here, Mr. Bolt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Usain Bolt View Post
    He has fans ?!!
    i deserve extra credit
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    Why wouldn't he have fans? He's a great talent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gm View Post
    Why wouldn't he have fans? He's a great talent.
    Because of his attitude, see this: http://fittish.deadspin.com/british-...n-h-1581097433
    And this: https://mobile.twitter.com/TheCarter...21341496619008
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    Kilty should absolutely get some media help, but there are several people on Twitter who stir things up and then do the whole "Is this what we expect?" thing on just the last part, as if they're innocent themselves. Kilty aside, that sort of thing is poor form in my book
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    People need to get off Twitter, for the most part. Apart from news updates, what a cesspit.
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