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    Re: Ratingen
    Mächtig had to retire, injury during the HJ.
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    Re: Ratingen
    I was hoping Matthias Prey could surprise but obviously had to withdraw.

    It started to rain, hopefully not for a long...
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    Re: Ratingen
    Good first day in Ratingen despite rain and cold.

    Schafer leads with 3739 (13.21/1.78/12.78/24.01)
    Tyminskay went up to second (3704) mainaly after a great SP of 14.81. Schwarzkopf is third with 3682, and surprisingly set a HJ PB of 1.84; her previous best of 1.83 has stood since 2007! She also came second in the SP behind Tyminska and has performed better in every event compared to Gotzis, where she finished with 6215. Rath is next with 3666 so it's very close between the 3 Germans.

    The weather conditions look like they may get worse tomorrow. As often is the case, the LJ is going to be a critical event. Rath said she will try and do a safety jump first, as she fouled all 3 in Gotzis. Schwarzkopf just sneaked over 6m in Gotzis and needs to do so again to stay in touch with the leaders. She will massively out-throw Rath in the JT, but Schafer is a 48m girl. It looks like the finsih could be quite close!

    On the men's side Freimuth is leading with 4285 ahead of Mayer, 4205 and Abele 4169. Abele had a great SP finishing with 15.08, beating Behrenbruch (15.07) with Freimuth 14.54 so-so. The HJ proved Abele's undoing again, not being able to go over 1.9. Freimuth did 1.92. Mayer did 2.07. Freimuth finished with a strong 400 in 48.23 to further cement his superior speed while Abele did 49.07. Behrenbruch finsihed with 49.22 and will have to have a better second day. Abele has his 'parade discipline, the 110h, where he can clar back a lot of points.
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    Re: Ratingen
    Carolin Schäfer will not compete tomorrow, i'm guessing she knows a PB is impossible with the weather forecast and there is nobody left to challenge her Zürich spot.
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    Re: Ratingen
    Despite having the superior PB set this year, Abele loses the 110h to Freimuth who sets a new PB of 13.78 against Abele's 13.82.

    Then Freimuth goes on to set a new PB in the DT of 49.61! He's been on fire in some of his events this weekened.

    After 7 events Freimuth leads with 6150 ahead of Abele (5911) and Mayer (5776) who only threw 38.41. Behrenbruch is next after a 43.16 DT with 5753.
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    Re: Ratingen
    Rath goes 6.41 in the LJ but Schwarzkopf sets a very good 6.20 SB to stay in touch. Tyminska goes 6.10 to re-affirm her podium challenge. Roldeder does 6.12 but will lose many points in the JT.

    Rath 4644
    Schwarzkopf 4594
    Tyminska 4584
    Roleder 4397

    The JT is going to be interesting as, if Rath throws 40m and Schwarzkopf 50m, the latter will have 200 pts more, meaning they would go into the 800m with Lilli leading by 150 pts, probably too much for Rath to make up.

    Rath is looking she like she will go around 6280 with Schwarzkopf around 6350....weather permitting.
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    Re: Ratingen
    This has gotten quite boring as far as selection is concerned, Abele would have to have a meltdown (or NH at the PV) to lose and Rath only needs 6107 points now. But since it's raining again, anything is possible.
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    Re: Ratingen
    norunner, yes, it's a shame in some ways the way it has turned out. Also, in theory Lilli could beat Schafer's Gotzis score, the way she has been jumping and throwing, which would have been a statement that she is back as number 1. As it stands with the weather I think she will be nearer 6300 rather than 6400 and she doesn't perhaps have the same motivation....although I still think she will want the win and beat Rath.
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    Re: Ratingen
    Tyminska is doing good seems to me though I relate her name with 23.xx in the 200m

    Abele only 4.40 ! Chance for Behrenbruch??
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    Re: Ratingen
    Abele threw the javelin almost 70m last year and he is a slightly better 1500m runner, so my money is still on him, but that 4.40 made it much closer.
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