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    Ratingen start lists now up

    http://www.iaaf.org/results/iaaf-world- ... entry-list

    http://www.iaaf.org/results/iaaf-world- ... entry-list

    As usual, it's going to be an interesting battle between the German athletes for selection to Zurich.

    It should be a good battle between Mayer and the Germans. The top 3 Germans here should be Behrenbruch, Freimuth and Abele. Kazmirek doesn't start and Schrader is out for the season. Freimuth came third in Gotzis and a good result here should see him safe. Behrenbruch DNF and really needs to set a score here.

    On rankings, Hock is next after Kazmirek and Freimuth with his 8092 from the NCAAs with Prey under 8000 pts. Hock doesn't start here while Prey does, but it would be a surprise if Prey qualifed for Zurich

    Schafer should be safe; 4 German women would need to finish ahead of her with better scores than her Gotzis result, which shouldn't happen. It's possible of course, but unlikely.
    Rath needs to score over 6250 and she qualifies, even if 3 German women finish above her, because of her Moscow result.
    Schwarzkopf beat Machtig in Gotzis and has a higher score than Schwerdtner. It should be between these 3 for the final spot. If Lilli finishes above them she goes. If Machtig beats her, and scores higher than Lilli's Gotzis score, I believe she will be selected (norunner can confirm the exact policy no doubt, but Ratingen results usualy take preference)
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    No byes for defending champs - 3 per country only
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjimbojames View Post
    No byes for defending champs - 3 per country only
    Are you sure about that? Looks like GBR has 4 entries in the 5k and Germany has 4 entries in the decathlon:

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    Yes - they're reserves. GBR also has four entries in the m100

    Only the WC does byes for champs...the 'MJ clause'
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