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    Ratingen start lists now up

    http://www.iaaf.org/results/iaaf-world- ... entry-list

    http://www.iaaf.org/results/iaaf-world- ... entry-list

    As usual, it's going to be an interesting battle between the German athletes for selection to Zurich.

    It should be a good battle between Mayer and the Germans. The top 3 Germans here should be Behrenbruch, Freimuth and Abele. Kazmirek doesn't start and Schrader is out for the season. Freimuth came third in Gotzis and a good result here should see him safe. Behrenbruch DNF and really needs to set a score here.

    On rankings, Hock is next after Kazmirek and Freimuth with his 8092 from the NCAAs with Prey under 8000 pts. Hock doesn't start here while Prey does, but it would be a surprise if Prey qualifed for Zurich

    Schafer should be safe; 4 German women would need to finish ahead of her with better scores than her Gotzis result, which shouldn't happen. It's possible of course, but unlikely.
    Rath needs to score over 6250 and she qualifies, even if 3 German women finish above her, because of her Moscow result.
    Schwarzkopf beat Machtig in Gotzis and has a higher score than Schwerdtner. It should be between these 3 for the final spot. If Lilli finishes above them she goes. If Machtig beats her, and scores higher than Lilli's Gotzis score, I believe she will be selected (norunner can confirm the exact policy no doubt, but Ratingen results usualy take preference)
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    Re: Ratingen
    Wonder how many people know what the topic "Ratingen" means"?

    Only two women would need to beat Schäfers score, not four. Rath only needs 6250 to qualify, that would leave two spots, Mächtig and Schwarzkopf both have PBs higher than 6386, so it could happen, but then, Schäfer may improve too.
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    Re: Ratingen
    Looks like Schwerdtner has withdrawn. She scored 6038 earlier in the season, so not that far behind Machtig on marks, but the latter has more uplift on PBs.

    Weather wise it looks like it will be between 15-19c tomorow, cloudy with some showers, with light rain Sunday too. So not the best conditions for big scores.

    norunner, if Machtig beats Schwarzkopf here, but scores lower than Lilli's Gotzis mark (but over 6100) I pesume Machtig would still gain selection? That's my understanding on how it has worked before.

    So, with 4 women with a realistic chance of qualifying, it seems the situation is (norunner please jump in if incorrect):
    Schafer just needs to make sure she doesn't finish behind Schwarzkopf and Machtig and that they dont beat her Gotzis score (assuming Rath scores 6250)
    Rath needs to score 6250 and she has a BYE. If she doesn't, I presume she still needs to score over 6100 and not finish behind both Schwarzkopf and Machtig
    Schwarzkopf basically needs to beat Machtig.
    Machtig needs to beat Schwarzkopf.
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    Re: Ratingen
    It's never as clearcut as you'd want it to be but basically it's like this: If Rath scores 6250+ points then she plus two with the highest scores from Götzis or Ratingen will get selected (here is why i said it isn't as clearcut because the selection criteria don't use the word "will", they say "can", which leaves some wiggle room). If Rath scores below 6250 points then the three women with the highest scores from Götzis or Ratingen will get selected.
    I think 6250 for Rath is a safe bet, so two spots remain available, i also think Schäfer's 6386 is good enough for the second spot. The third spot will be a fight between Schwarzkopf and Mächtig and Schwarzkopf will get it.

    For the decathlon, Arthur Abele mentioned in an interview that he is in the best shape ever, broke several PBs in training, and wants to break his decathlon PB of 8372 points. If that actually happens, we're going to have a battle similar to last year.
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    Re: Ratingen

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    Re: Ratingen
    Great championship best of 12.96 for Roleder. If only she could high jump and throw the javelin! Another PB for Schafer, 13.21, who's in excellent form and SBs for Rath, Schwarzkopf and Machtig, with Rath improving the most since Gotzis.

    I hope Schafer continues to improve as she has a medal shot in Zurich.
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    Re: Ratingen
    That time was great news for Roleder, who now met the german qualification standards for Zürich for the 100H.
    Schäfer improved her PB by over 3/10 of a second and is 50 points over her Götzis result, Rath only 1/100 over her PB. If the weather holds (big if) those two could really have a great fight.
    Freimuth just ran a legal 10.40, Abele improved his PB to 10.67, Müller also with a PB.
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    Re: Ratingen
    Not to be outdone, a championship best for Freimuth in the 100m, running 10.40! Abele showing his good form with a 10.67. Behrenbruch and Mayer further behind with 11.00 and 11.08
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    Re: Ratingen
    Quote Originally Posted by norunner
    Schäfer improved her PB by over 3/10 of a second and is 50 points over her Götzis result,
    It's great to finally see Schafer show her potential this year. As you know, I love the multi events and am a fan of German athletics and she was always one I was hoping would find her senior form, but, because of those couple of lean years she had previously, wasn't sure she would. Which is ridiculous really because she is still young! She always seemed slightly chunky too, but now she looks to have conditioned her body better which has obviously helped. She has the perfect height and (now) build for a heptathlon as well as the good basics; she is fast over the hurdles, 200 and LJ...and she can even throw the JT! Come Zurich I really want to see her commit in that 800!

    edited to add: Tyminska running 13.70 in her first meet this season.
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    Re: Ratingen
    Side note: I wish trainers would look at other HJ techniques when an athlete is obviously struggling with the Fosbury. For years Clova Court just couldn't do it and it destroyed any chance of a decent placing for her. I know it's early days, but Roleder is obviously not a natural at the Fosbury, so why not teach her the straddle instead? It served Schenk well, and she may find the technique easier to learn (literally because of the way you raise your legs). At the moment she is managing school girl marks doing the Fosbury.

    Side note, to side note: British fans, did you know that Court's sister is TV chef Rustie Lee? < Insert Jabba the Hut/Rustie Lee laugh> ha ha ha ha ha
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