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    Oh, don't get him started again now. We'll hear from him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukehjsteve View Post
    Maybe Lindgren and Phil Shinnick can have lunch together.
    Couldn't recall Shinnick's name but I thought the same when I read the piece.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cubehead View Post
    If Lindgren ever watched the video of the race it's obvious he lost.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tuariki View Post
    .. The video and all the pictures all appear to show that Jones led all the way and was about 30cm in front at the finish.
    It looks much closer than 30cm to me but it is also clear that Jones won. I didnt realize the race was on such a wet track. Hard to understand how a guy that earns the glory of an Olympic silver medal can feel bad about it.

    Ever wonder what these guys would be running today on modern state-of-the-art surfaces. The 1964 Tokyo games were run on cinder on a wet surface and the semifinal and final were on the same day, one day after the quarter finals.
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