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    Re: Who Was Stella Walsh?
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    All of these stories and the far that such cases were recognised, if not acknowledged, 80 years ago is what made the who unseemly furore about Caster Semenya so very offensive

    However much some may want it to be, everything in life is not black and a white
    i deserve extra credit
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    Latest but greatest story on Stella noted here:

    I argue that USATF should redo her Hall of Fame citation, which says: “She married and lived in Cleveland until 1980 when she died from gunshot wounds. An autopsy revealed that Walsh had male sex organs.”


    Stella was intersex, not male. Her status should be noted properly — and not leave the impression she had standard male-issue genitals.

    K E N
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    An excellent article on Walsh. The one thing I'd take the writer up on is the decision to run for Poland in 1932. She had already won 3 Gold Medals representing Poland at the Women's World Games in 1930 [60m, 100m and 200m], so was unlikely to have competed for the USA in 1932
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    Very well done piece.
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